Love n Duas from South Africa . Now I wanna venture on the knafeh naameh with cheese. I was a little pressed for time so I blitz the kataifi dough for a couple of seconds in my magimix n like n behold it was super easy to assemble … KUNAFA RECIPE with vermicelli | Delicious Arabic Sweet Dessert | YUMMY and CHEESY By. thanks, That’s so awesome to hear! Your awesome, every recipe you share comes out perfect, 1000 thank you, you are much appreciated. … I think I found a good substitute for shredded phylo. You might not need the whole can. Lastly – I see we add milk for the semolina pudding, could i add half evaporated milk and the other half normal milk? Hello, good recipe ,but I’m sorry to say not as good as using Akkawi Cheese. Gotta keep trying I guess. I have yet to test it out and find out which is it.. but, it’s safe to say that either way YOU have a subscriber and I’m all about what you’re about brother (sister?) Unfortunately I never got around trying any just yet but I’m eyeing a few recipes online. Hello! SWEET CHEESE FOR KNAFEH RECIPE. Typically, I would grind a handful of pistachios and scatter them all over the top, but when the color is that vibrant, how could I cover it up? From bite-sized ringlets, to enormous rounds, from nut fillings, silky puddings, cloud-like creams, fruits, chocolates, and caramel, to serving it cold or piping hot, in custard bowls or inside bread, Kunafa can do it all. It’s known all thru Jerusalem that if you get knafeh you wait patiently until the fresh tray comes out. I’m feeling the passion! So I can’t found the semoline. is it really like that…. Last time I made it, I used a combination of ricotta and mozzarella. And the pictures are looking fab. I love hearing that it was such a hit. May Allah reward you for everything you have done. So BOOM! Wait…let me stop you right here, if you’re doubting the deliciousness of gooey cheese in dessert, because gosh…its ridiculous!!! Thanks so much for the recipe! Right now with COVID, and not going out much for desserts during Ramadan, this was a super successful first attempt at making delicious homemade Knafeh! While qeshta knafeh reigns supreme in Egypt, there are actually many spots that make the cheese ones; I just had some last week. Hello! Thanks again and Thank you for the birthday wishes for my Mother. I’ve been getting a lot of questions from India, asking if vermicelli or sevai could be substituted for the kunafa, but I always find my self in a pickle because I really don’t know the answer. So happy this recipe lived up to your expectations. Of all the Middle Eastern desserts, Kunafa rules all. Thank you so much Tasbih for everything. The most popular. The pull & texture of the soft cheese is so much more desirable than that of the hard cheese. Coat the dough with 1 cup of ghee and mix, To line your baking container, first, coat it with ghee and then add half of the dough into the container and let sit tightly, Try lining the sides of the container with the dough so that it is able to hold the cheese, Add your shredded cheese and make sure to cover the whole container evenly, Last comes the other half of your dough to cover up the kunafa, Bake in the oven for about 40-45 minutes until the surface is golden brown, Let sit outside for 15 minutes till it cools a bit and then run a knife along the sides to make sure the kunafa isn't sticking, Now, flip your kunafa onto a serving dish and drizzle with your preferred amount of sugar syrup, Simple Palak Chicken Recipe: Step by Step, The Ultimate Bajji Recipe (South Indian Onion Bhaji Recipe), How to Make Matar Paneer Gravy Recipe at Home. I had no idea what sevai is until someone asked about it so I had to google it. Sara your comment just made my day! Sure! Rick people open a series of dessert shops over the world for this type of Kunafe especially in the Arab world and it is so famous in Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. You can use fresh milk, full-fat or low-fat. Through your blog and use of widely used worldwide ingredients, I have been able to create and enjoy tastes from far-flung places. We don’t get it here, ساجربه اليوم وأخبرك بالنتيجة انا متحمسة جدا. Then bake! Carefully pour the butter into the bowl of phyllo dough. I will let you know how my Zalabya turns out! HI Sommer! Make sure to use fresh kataif pastry for best results. I’m sure the semolina pudding will be a solution. Kunafa turned out perfect, Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. اسّلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته  I actually prefer them over zalabya. Can I use vermicelli for the pastry? A larger pan size (like a 14"/ 35cm deep dish pizza pan may be used, but note that the kunafa will turn out thinner) Alternatively, the kunafa could also be split over 2 (9"/ 23cm) or 4 (6"/ 15cm) pans. Do you have any knafe naameh recipe recommendations that I could start with? I was thinking of using vermicelli, but then I read previous comments. Can I use a spring-form cake pan for this purpose ? The removable bottom can cause the ghee to seep through and cause a mess in your oven and smoke. It’s definitely worth trying some day. Although to be fair. Best of luck on competition! Original recipes and creations of this site are intended for personal and home use. You are amazinggg for sharing this! Hi Carlene! Enjoy:). Sourcing the ingredients took me to three shops; Turkish shop for the kataifi pastry, Asian shop for the pistachios and local grocery shop for mozzarella. You can use orange blossom water which also adds flavor and is used in the authentic kunafa recipe. This recipe was designed with those who don’t have access to good-quality akkawi (or even just akkawi altogether) in mind. I love it will do it isa bas i have question do i have to add rose water and orange blossom water as i dnt love them  I really hope you love it as much as we do! It was perfection. To make your sugar syrup, add 1 cup sugar to 1 1/2 cup of water in a pan under medium heat. Member recipes are not tested in the GoodFood kitchen. Oh my goodness…what a journey That was one heck of an adventure! Top with the cheese mixture and pat down into an even layer. | Travel Food Atlas, Pingback: Turkey Cooking – Angelo Romasanta. whole container evenly. Add a teaspoon of rose water if you're using it, Prep your shredded mozzarella with about 2 tbsp of sugar and let sit for a while till you finish the next step, Next comes your pastry dough which is usually frozen. If I’m not wrong, I imagine they bake the whole thing, let it cool, then reheat individual slices. Serve warm. is that normal. One thing to note though, is that zalabya too is best enjoyed fresh, preferably warm within 2 hours of frying. I would come home and be very disappointed. That’s awesome! But it is soaked in water for hours to remove its salt content. Its not to be missed! Perfect, no body can fail with all the instructions and recommendations you gave . Also keep in mind that the stretchiness and flavor of the mozzarella highly depends on the type used. It’s dessert! It almost always, comes with a surprise filling and sweetened with simple syrup. Semolina pudding recipe adapted from Embers Mezze Bar. This is available in every home , Hungryoungwoman is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commission income by advertising and linking to Amazon. Thanks! It’s the simplest thing and I just discovered it! Pour in half of the cooled, semolina pudding and spread with a spatula into a thin layer. Another option to consider is to make the cream filled konafa instead. Garnish with ground pistachio. But in my heart.. i knew something was wrong and then Bam you said it! If you read the recipe instructions, ghee or butter has to be added to prep the dough and to line the pan before baking. It’s baked until golden brown and crispy. I don’t think I had these even last Ramadan when I was in Saudi Arabia. Hello Tasbih, can I use dry kadayif? I use pre-shredded mozzarella, not because its the best choice, but rather because its the most easily accessible where I live. I am so excited to try this recipe because am so addicted to kunafa nabulsia… Where can I get fresh mozzarella in Cairo. I think it is the best we can do in India with sevai in the absence of kataifi dough, but the problem with sevai is that even in its raw form, the texture is quite brittle, so while the structure of the Kunafa held, my hands would be full of little sevai pieces from cutting out a slice or handling it. Pictures beautiful. Each bite was perfection. Use freshly grated cheese – it makes a bug difference. I love the dishes of the Middle East! Oh no! Oh, man. Print. Please let me know if there’s ever an ingredient that you can’t find, because I might be able to help you track it down. It’s my pleasure Khatija! While the taste was good, the texture had something lacking. I have one doubt, My kunafa become  crispy, so I can’t cut the kunafa In a good shape. Repeat the process until the pan is filled with kunafa then pour a little of butter and milk on top. JAA, Hi! I’m so happy you all enjoyed as much as we do. If I could lock a taste memory to replay it is this! Share; Pin 1; Twitter ; Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. WOW! Haha!!! Top with the remaining kunafa shreds evenly and bake 30-40 minutes or until golden. Or snap a pic and tag me @cleobuttera or hashtag it #cleobuttera on Instagram or Facebook. If using thicker, Greek-style frozen kadaifi/konafa, you can use the butter in its entirety; milk solids and all. It’s different ofcourse, but works really well with this type of filling. I hope to perfect all my Middle Eastern/Palestinian dishes before my husband immigrates here from Saudi Arabia which won’t be much longer now in shaa Allah, although while I was there he was very happy with my typical ‘Canadian’ dishes to give a taste of my culture to him and his family. Upload attachment  (Allowed file types: jpg, gif, png, maximum file size: 64MB. #kunafa #arabiandessert #mommazaid. You sure can…and would love to see it when it’s done. The fresh one I use is super soft (like caprese) but is packaged in a dry bag NOT the water packed one. In case you prefer a soft kunafa, then I’d suggest you skip this part. You’re the best!! What do you say about using a half sheet rectangular tray? 10 Things to Eat in Dubai - hungryoungwoman, UAE Blogger: Sarah Sarvath aka Hungryoungwoman | Dubai Travel Blog, The Best Itinerary for Dubai: 7 Days (with one day in Abu Dhabi), 15 Food Cities in Asia for the Ultimate Foodie, What to Eat in Old Dubai? But I’m making it with pizza’s best friend, Mozzarella. It was located in a … (For more info on clarified butter, please check this post). Also wierd question – what was the original music in the video called? You’ll first prepare the pudding, by heating together milk, heavy cream, sugar, semolina flour and a tiny bit of cornstarch. Did you find a good recipe for knafe naameh? Again…deviating from tradition. Hahaaa! You can absolutely omit them if you’re not a fan. I’m in St Catherine’s and find it very difficult to find many authentic middle east ingredients or foods. Thank you so much for your feedback and for your sweet compliments. So happy it worked so well for you. The unsalted and unsweetened filling may sound bland but it complements the warm sugar syrup drizzled on top. You could bake one now and freeze the other(s) for later. Also, what type of cream would I use for Kunafa? The second of 10 Middle Eastern desserts that I’ve prepared for you in spirit of the month of Ramadan. I live in London and it is impossible for me to find it anywhere. Hey kunfa dough is available in Bangalore . I just came along this recipe and would love to try it.I have a question in regards to the mozzarella type is it the hard or soft fresh one ( the one used for caprese salad?). Slice the cheese of your choosing ( I like akkawi the best) and set it in a bowl for at least 2 hours, changing the water every 20 minutes. Jul 14, 2018 - Kunafa is an iconic Middle Eastern dessert, made with shredded Kataifi (phyllo) pastry dough, kashta (ashta or cream) and cheese, smothered with a sweet orange blossom syrup. Awesome! Hi Hellani! It’s in Edgware road area. My only issue was probably my mistake, I think I may have cooked the semolina pudding a tad too long because it got thicker and clumpier as it cooled so it was pretty hard to spread into a thin layer. I hope you love it too. :), I hope your Balah El Sham turns out wonderful and everyone loves it! Will it make the Zalabya to sweet? These cheeses are mixed together to prevent kunafa … Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Do you have any tips? I hope you give this twist on kunafa a try soon! Hello, can I know where did you get the silver dish for knafa? It sounds delicious. How long do you typically bake when using 6″ rounds? A rose and orange blossom water scented sugar syrup, sweetens and perfumes this scrumptious Middle Eastern favorite. P.S: your talk about cookies made me crave one so badly right now, Hello! If I do, how should I rehydrate it? If using fresh, freeze for an hour for easier cutting. This turned out amazing! You could use the Kunafa base from the link with the filling from here or make the other recipe altogether. Hi Sarah! I just use the pre-shredded kind and it works really well. What an honor?! Although US volume measurements have been included for your convenience, it is highly encouraged that you weigh your ingredients using a kitchen scale to get the best possible results. Cheese Kunafe is one of the Palestinian recipes that is famous for its city Nablus. I actually found another dessert I think I will make instead of Kunafa because kunafa needs to be really eaten fresh and will be to difficult for me at the hall we are having the party to reheat or make. I’d say it can easily feed 16 people, if not more. So yes, it may not be certified “authentic.”. Meanwhile, you’ll prepare the kunafa crust by shredding some kunafa/kadaifi/kataifi pastry into short strands. And I brushed the syrup on top of the surface after flipping it out of the pan. It’s my pleasure Ayesha! Everyone throughly enjoyed it …. Given the fact that mozzarella is available worldwide, and more accessible than akkawi, this recipe makes it easy for anyone to make it, regardless where they live. In non-Middle Eastern countries, Kadaifi/kataifi/konafa dough can be found in the frozen Greek section of most big supermarkets, or in Middle Eastern speciality stores. But something about the familiar classics, that makes them that much timeless and much more cozy. very gently spread the cheese, leave 1cm space at the edges and cover with the rest of the kadayif.

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