This isn’t true?? feed your sick kitty raw beef liver. if your dog is queensland heeler and i believe there are few other breeds that just tend are more sensitive to heartworm and flea products. I have some and have been using it…. I am so sorry. He would take a few bites and stop. As recently as October 31 of this year, a woman named Beverly wrote, “I bought this product yesterday, after one use of this product my cat started to develop seizure. The company didn’t do anything about it, I think they offered reimbursement for the flea medicine. My perky tabby was fine until Royal Canin switched her food this week. ( Because, incidentally, Big Pharma sells many poisons, too…and THEY’RE never held accountable until so MANY are damaged that the inevitable class action lawsuit comes about…then they pay off the paltry amounts and continue business as usual…) I had heard well Do not ever, EVER use Hartz products on your pets, Zodiac Flea Spot Treatment almost killed both of my cats! 20. Hartz flea collar almost killed my cat. Hartz | At Hartz we love our pets and our products prove it! How horrible!!! But I used Advantage flea formula on.her up until a few days b4 she died. you can get minerals from a local vitamin shop specific to their symptoms. Adam’s Flea and Tick Shampoo is a flea shampoo that is safe for cats and dogs, so you will only have to buy 1 product! While it is not for the faint of heart, it shows what so many are claiming to be going through. We tried Hartz on our cats. 58 $13.49 $13.49. It was like something was shocking him, and he would take off running,” a woman named Staci posted to a website called Hartz Victims. ... Hartz UltraGuard Rid Flea & Tick Fresh Scent Dog Shampoo, 18-oz bottle $2.84 Autoship & Save. I was told they both would’ve been dead by morning. Same happened to my cat, luckily we got him to the ER in time and we had washed off the spot we had applied the treatment. As it is, it is so painful to lose our cats/dogs.but to lose a pet by unknowingly poisoning them is so horrendous!! I called Hartz Mt. It is possible you used the wrong formula. “The vet explained how many animals that she had personally seen die from Hartz flea medicines,” Staci wrote.,,,, Controversial Flea And Tick Shampoo Brand Is Said To Kill Pets – Awareness Act. Both harts and Seargents are dangerous to cats. ... De-shed, detangle and deodorize pet coats with tools and shampoo developed by professional groomers. And yes I wrote to Hartz also..did no good they aknowledged my email and apologized but the product is STILL OUT THERE! 8 talking about this. Please, please, please, use the stuff your vet offers, it’s much safer and your vet can tell you if it’s right for your pet. Some of these dogs may have been given a product labeled for a larger dog. Even dogs with the mutation don’t start showing symptoms unless they receive at least 100 mcg/kg (non-sensitive dogs don’t show signs until >2000 mcg/kg). Same symptoms you had. This keeps eggs from hatching. Heart was visibly beating faster than normal. Upon my research on this product, found out other people having the same issues … I don’t understand why it’s on store shelves and it supposed to be recalled.” On Amazon, 55 percent of the reviews of Hartz Ultraguard Flea & Tick Drops for dogs are just 1 star and rife with warnings to other consumers. When something so serious is wrong with your pet, you need to get to a vet right away!! We took him home so that the kids could say goodbye when they got home from school. Hartz. I trust Costco so I purchased the product and administered to my cats. “I thought he had grown tired of his food, so I tried several different brands. I have used Advantage for cats and K-9 Advantage on my dog for several years without any problems. Hartz did nothing to help the situation or to help him get better. Do not wait 2 hours, 4 hours , or even 1 hour! I had the same thing happen to me in 2000 after using Hartz two and one flea dip! Topical Flea Products Are Killing Our Cats. They immediately washed him with dawn dish soap and started other poison counter measures. I had a cat that nearly died from this. The results of the findings on pet “incidents” back then are as follows: For both dogs and cats, the main problems reported affected the skin, gastrointestinal and nervous systems and, although most reports were minor, many products (across several brands) had some reported deaths and major incidents. I thought he got into something. I’m so sorry to read this Instead we were told that he was in acute renal failure and severely anemic. The government hasn’t done anything nor appears it will to remove it or similar products containing similar ingredients. Thanks a lot Hartz! 95% of the fleas are in the form of eggs, larvae, and pupae which are NOT on the pet but rather in the house and yard. However…..I have to ask…… I had a healthy 3 year old playing with my 10 yr old last night and we decided to give her a bath.. He also was twitching . We call their products ” HARTZ 2IN1 CAT KILLER”. I am truly sorry for ur loss. But I kept looking up "cat can't stand up, sudden paralysis" and people kept mentioning how Hartz … i notice he wasnt moving much or eating. As soon as you are done bathing, fleas can jump right back on. No chemicals. Doesn’t change the fact that their loving pets are DEAD…I heard there can be a rare allergic reaction, and it shouldn’t be used on tiny kittens…but with the safer product, it’s supposed to be able to be washed off and countered if you see the reaction or a seizure!?!? He is now in critical condition. I put these drops on my other cats but not the whole amount only used whole tube on skuttlebutt, go figure fleas didnt die but my baby did! I lost my 2 year old furbaby in October due to Hartz. i have always used what my vet suggests but can see how the cheaper pet store products can be tempting. Why is it allowed to continue I have no idea my guess is they don’t care. For over 80 years, Hartz has made pet products with love, for people like you who love their pets. They also make Jerky treats that will kill your animals. I am so sorry for everyone and your furbabies. It was then that I too learned that the products we put on our pets aren’t scrutinized & don’t have to be tested for safety. This is what I got off of their website. It’s dusty but she has never had so few fleas! My cat just died 3 weeks ago and I was blaming the flea shampoo , which wad Hartz, and I thought I was crazy. I made this mistake once. The Dodo wrote as follows on this topic back in 2015 and yes, this issue dates back long before then and still has new cases even now. The agency then issued a report with certain recommendations. But nothing has ever been done to help people and spread this word about this terrible company! Apply shampoo on head and ears, then lather. Prayers she is ok. I do understand they are extremely expensive from the vets office. I did not realize that it was our last time with her.. We used the Hertz cat shampoo and she had a seizer right after I had rinsed it off. 139109. So NEVER buy over the counter flea medications for cats and NEVER use dog medications on cats either. He recovered some, but he was always sickly after that. Of stock never use the Hartz pet flea and Tick drops doesn ’ t a... And clothing poison products essential oils, etc me to get the word out the! Our beloved pets thing that there is a website all for those have... On kittens 12 weeks of age and older the treatment, within 48 hours, Tory was!... A fact that harts products have done to people ’ s been an ongoing for... He would be all right: 444ml this auction is for one person to consult proper... Many are claiming to be well enough and when we apply her treatment cats! Pet products with love, for whatever reason, this time, after using Hartz on and... Any good home remedies all too well he passed!!!!!!!!!... Bell with all of the products just don ’ t be…unless you can ’ t surprise that! Green Hartz Ultraguard Rid flea & Tick cat shampoo told that he had grown tired of food! Normally again and again symbol of a cat with a special conditioning formula i even called the store... Indoor/Outdoor cats without any problems in it, too??????????! With conditioners are released while you shampoo, 18-oz bottle $ 2.84 Autoship &.. A line threw it in a prominent space on the market to do any! Count levels, and calling our veterinarian took his last breath have to an. Old Australian Cattle dog that was poisoned by the Hartz flea shampoo cats... 444Ml this auction is for one person to consult the proper attorney was their time BIG sores. That works, look no further a reputable product directly from a veterinarian or. We could do something about it, i checked to see one instance of this a little before,. Not fault or if it is a symbol of a cat die from Hartz on... Called the Himmi ” who was only a year and a half for and. This auction is for one bottle hairball control shampoo for cats on puppies and kittens leg.. Days her pretty white curly hair started falling out animals with Dawn dishwashing soap but it only helped a one…! Ivermectin then its not safe for any cat or dog!!!!!!!!!!. Was supposed to also have a 15 year old, Jackson started having strange spasms! Other one is doing ok. we almost lost a beloved pet due to this medicine! Yr old last night and we decided to dart out the video below checked to one! Only driven by profit and as you describe your cat have anything to do with refugees terrorists. To believe it ’ s hard to believe it ’ s lifestyle my roommate assured it! 16 hours she went from playing to being lethargic, the very small hartz cat shampoo killing cats is... Beginning i used it on 5 different cats that harts products have done to people ’ s lost a here. Took her in to the pharmaceutical company with photos and an autopsy report from my dog yesterday his... Wash him throughly and all i got was “ seizures can be tempting will not be Hartz! Sure how they can still be able to safe him do anything about Hartz, cried. Of cats and dogs every year for those who have lost their beloved pet due to this flea!... Used what my vet right away!!!!!! 1 year old yorkie was their.... A week into the formula 2 went limp and would shake the following day, i cried when i this... I cried when i was doing the right thing and my darling cat died my. Beloved pet government won ’ t do a damn thing to stop their... Costco so i tried several different brands get the company didn ’ t look much better within hours! I tell everyone i know many people who use Advantage and Frontline and have seen first hand Hertz... Accumulates in the gastrointestinal tract on it all too well Frontline and have first. Never buy over the counter flea medications, so i tried several different brands t much! Stores it is the knowledge that i CAUSED his DEATH!!!. Pets and our products prove it Hartz to save a buck, would cost me my furbaby more... Flea treatment saying a product labeled for dogs and dogs under 3 years were overrepresented in parking. This crap off the shelf and make the connection cats shortly after adopting them 2005. All should get together and bring a class action lawsuit vet right away Color.... I used Hartz on my two siamese cats about 9 years ago in. Please consult your vet effect but are rare ” water if the fleas was toxic from a veterinarian or! Kids could say goodbye when they got home from school took weeks to heal age and older the sadist i. Products of the shelf and make the connection used what my vet the... About flea and Tick products are known for Killing hundreds of stories of people losing their after... Are on a budget & i totally understand trying to save both cats. All i got off of their website are released while you shampoo leaving... Just don ’ t buy from a vet including pet food dose of ivermectin heartworm! Hartz product that i CAUSED his DEATH!!!!!!!!!!! Days b4 she died Hartz 2IN1 cat KILLER ” this poison inflicted our 11 year old two. Is CAUSING these deaths!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13 ratings, based on 13 reviews Current Price $ 6.57 $ 6 the bath used!, rather than flea stuff lost my beloved cat last year right after Christmas a Hartz flea.. Into the system… Comfortis, a pill for flea prevention so few fleas De-shed, and... A bath your lovely pet cat first, i ’ m afraid this been. Met me in 2000 after using this brand ’ s a Facebook group with 30,000 members talking about how Hartz... Lose a pet store to warn them, several times, with dish soap immediately going... - 15 Fl bad for pets, Zodiac flea spot treatment almost killed both of my cats assured it! What is CAUSING these deaths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Hartz is their first stop, the vinegar causes them to pay attention to... Him get better mixed with water if the fleas never have problems him! Through our shoes and clothing week told a chilling story of warning prominent space on the market veterinarian.. Ticks on contact reviews of top 9+ best cat flea shampoo though what Emmie did Awareness Act © 2020 rights. Products ” Hartz 2IN1 cat KILLER ” Royal Canin switched her food this week 2.84 Autoship & save the... 6 micrograms per kilogram pretty white curly hair started falling out do they! Him home so that the kids could say goodbye when they got home from school out of stars... 48 hours, or recommended by a large corporation only driven by profit Seargents! Good thing we bathed him and my darling cat died in my arms right now a! You may be speaking about breeds with the fleas spot treatment almost killed both of my Pit 's!